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WHAT IS WAVESKI ? – Waveski is a sport of waves, where the athlete surfs seated, with the aid of a paddle and where the plate has 6/7 kg approximately, 3 kg with bigger volume in backside, whose purpose is the fluctuation and stability in the wave. The Wave skier is imprisoned to the plate through a belt that arrests it to the accent. The feet are incased to a peddler located next to the peak to the plate. To row it, paddle, generally is made in carbon fiber. Has 2 shovels, one in each tip and approximately 2 meters being its function auxiliary the maneuvers and to help wave skier to pass the waves.

THE HISTORY OF WAVESKI – The first stories of the modality, or something very similar, retrace the 1800 in the Peruvian coast, where the natives used some moored toros of totora, forming a boat that they used to fish and to return the land. They called to these boats “horses of totora “. Gigantic registrations exist, in mountains of the Chilean desert, showing a native to use a “horse of totora “, as much seated as in foot. More recent registers of the modality as we know, appear in Australia where the salute lives made assistance to the tests of surf and same some competitions in the intervals of these same tests of surf. Since then the plates have evolved with shapes sufficiently bold that they provide a bigger performance. Currently the modality is to have each time more adepts, existing already federate athletes.


Take off
Shoulder Ride
Bottom turn
Roller Coaster
180º turn
360º turn
Roundhouse Cutback
Floating Roundhouse
Lip Turn
Vertical Tail Slash
Tube Ride
Aerial with Re-entry
RULES – Some Rules to Surf by…

. don´t drop in!   yeld the right of way to the person who is on the inside.
. don´t hog waves!  riding each and every wave in a crowded break is bad manners.
. don´t endanger others!  uncontrolled and unnecessary manoeuvers are dangerous.
. don´t padle out trough the break!  go round, it´s safer and won´t spoil any rides.
. be polite!  being rude creates tension in a crowded break.
. think about safety!  use leashes or seatbelts and fins for control.
. share the sea!  all surf-sports have a right to waves, share them!
. don´t ignore local laws!  laws are usually there for a reason…
. don´t surf on your own!  surf with a friend.




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